Our Expedition Doctors

An Earth’s Edge expedition doctor accompanies each expedition to provide industry-leading medical support. Should you fall ill or have an injury they will be there to immediate medical support. Read more about what sets us apart from other expedition companies here.

Francis Screech

Francis is based in southwest England and works in anaesthetics and emergency medicine. He has worked in Nepal, including hospitals in Pokhara, trekking Annapurna and Everest Base Camp, and summiting Island Peak. He teaches expedition medicine courses and is pursuing a tropical medicine diploma. Island Peak stands out as his favourite adventure, offering dramatic Himalayan scenery, a challenging climb, and immersion in remote Nepalese villages with exceptional food!

Jonny Milton

Jonny has worked as an expedition medic in a number of places including the breathtaking landscapes  of Peru, Kilimanjaro (not once, but twice!) and the iconic Everest Base Camp. His favourite expedition is Everest Base Camp. "I love the feeling of the journey you get, starting in the madness of Kathmandu, the flight up to Lukla, and then the changing scenery as you travel up the trail. The Dahl Baht is also a real treat in the evenings!"

Mari Gleeson

Mari is a GP based in Ireland. She has worked as an expedition medic on a multi-day desert ultramarathon in Kenya, Kilimanjaro and Everest Base Camp. Kilimanjaro is top of the list as Mari's favourite expedition she's worked on so far!

Lara Good

Lara is a Bristol-based anaesthetics trainee with expedition and sports event experience in Iceland, Costa Rica, the French Alps, Africa and Nepal! Her favourite adventure with Earth's Edge so far has been Everest Base Camp earlier this year, "the Earth's Edge guides and sense of camaraderie make this trip very special!"

Dr. Domhnall O'Connor

Dr. Domhnall O'Connor

Domhnall has trekked to the summit of Kilimanjaro, explored Machu Picchu and journeyed across the Himalayas on our Everest Base Camp and Island Peak expedition.

Domhnall believes expedition medicine is about using medical knowledge to elevate clients to new heights and reach their goals!

He hopes to take on Elbrus and Aconcagua next.

Dr. Flora Burns

Dr. Flora Burns

Flora has travelled with us to both Kilimanjaro and Everest Base Camp, but Kilimanjaro remains her favourite expedition.

'The Tanzanian team were phenomenal- boosting us all up to the summit with singing, dancing and laughter the whole way.'

Flora would love to work on an expedition to Aconcagua or K2 Base Camp in the future!

Dr. Aoife Ni Mhaoileoin

Dr. Aoife Ni Mhaoileoin

In 2013, Aoife embarked on her first adventure with Earths Edge to Kilimanjaro. Since then, she has explored Fiji, Morocco, and Borneo, and even returned to Kilimanjaro. In 2022, she completed Mera Peak.
Kilimanjaro is her favourite expedition; 'It's the most perfect mix of challenge and adventure and scenery and culture!'

Dr. Domhnall Heron

Dr. Domhnall Heron

Domhnall has travelled with us on many of our expeditions including Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu, Elbrus and Annapurna Base Camp. 

Trekking on the ice-covered slopes of Mt. Elbrus has been his favourite expedition so far and he hopes to take on K2 Base Camp next.

Peter Hodgins Earth's Edge Doctor

Dr. Peter Hodgins

Peter has worked as an expedition doctor on  Kilimanjaro, and our Everest Base Camp and Island Peak Expedition. His favourite trip is Kilimanjaro for the mix of terrain and the African culture.

Peter has his eyes set on our K2 Base Camp expedition next! 

Jeffrey Mulcaire Earth's Edge Doctor

Dr. Jeffrey Mulcaire

Jeffrey started working with us in 2018 and to date has travelled with us to Machu Picchu, Kilimanjaro and Everest Base Camp twice. The Kenya Tri-Adventure, Aconcagua and Island Peak are on his bucket list!

Jeffrey's favourite trip so far is Everest Base Camp; 'The Nepalese team are incredible, the food is great, and the scenic route to Everest Base Camp is unmatched!'

Dr. Mark Willis is an Earth's Edge expedition doctor

Dr. Mark Willis

Based in the rural Peak District, GP Willis is Earth's Edge's Medical Director. He has a passion for Mountain Medicine and has been involved in a number of high-altitude expeditions with both Earth’s Edge and the British Army. When not on far-flung adventures Mark can be found writing content for the MSc in Expedition and Wilderness Medicine with the University of South Wales. 

Dr. Barry Kelleher is an Earth's Edge expedition doctor

Dr. Barry Kelleher

After spending a number of years in the North West Barry has relocated to North Dublin where is currently working as a GP. On his days off he can be found out hiking, surfing or doing some overtime in order to finance his next holiday.  Barry has worked with Earth’s Edge for the past number of years and has been lucky enough to work on expeditions to Kilimanjaro, Peru, Elbrus, Mera Peak and Aconcagua.

Dr. Edel McEntee is an Earth's Edge expedition doctor

Dr. Edel McEntee

Edel, originally from County Meath, is currently working as a GP in Glasgow. She has worked as an expedition doctor with Earth’s Edge on trips to Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp and Peru. She has a special interest in expedition and wilderness medicine and continues to train in this. She really enjoys the combination of travel, adventure and meeting new groups on the trips. In her spare time, she loves getting outdoors and exploring the Scottish hills.

Dr. Eddie Daly is an Earth's Edge expedition doctor

Dr. Eddie Daly

Eddie works as a GP in Bray but his main passion is the outdoors and he can be found biking, hiking or running in Wicklow most weekends. He also loves adventure to faraway places, the wilder the better! He has undertaken post-graduate studies in wilderness and expedition medicine, travel medicine and has a special interest in infectious diseases. He is also a qualified Wilderness Physician.

Dr. Sarah Phelan is an Earth's Edge expedition doctor

Dr. Sarah Phelan

Practitioner based in Dublin with a great interest in travel and expedition medicine, topped with a wild sense of adventure! She has been an expedition doctor with Earths’ Edge on trips to Kilimanjaro, the Kenya Tri-Adventure and  Stok Kangri. An outdoor enthusiast and triathlon nut; you’ll find her up the Wicklow Mountains most weekends either on foot or on her bike!

Dr Paula Greally is an Earth's Edge expedition doctor

Dr Paula Greally

Paula is from Galway and moved to the South East of Ireland for her GP training. She is currently working as a GP in Carlow. When not working she loves exploring and hiking in West Waterford and Tipperary. She is a keen runner and yoga enthusiast. 

Dr Jonathan Clayton is an Earth's Edge expedition doctor

Dr. Jonathan Clayton

Jonathan has worked with Earth’s Edge since 2017 and has worked as an expedition doctor on Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp and Aconcagua. Jonathan works as a GP in Canada where he works a mix of hospital work, urgent care and family practice. He is certified as a Wilderness Physician by WEMSI. 

Dr Joe Keena is an Earth's Edge expedition doctor

Dr. Joe Keena

Joe has always been a keen adventurer and Earth's Edge has given him the perfect opportunity to marry medicine and travel.  He has stood on the summit of Africa three times and traveled to such far-flung destinations as Stok Kangri in Northern India, Elbrus in Russia and Aconcagua in Argentina.


Dr. David Monks is an Earth's Edge expedition doctor

Dr. David Monks

David is a Senior Registrar in Emergency Medicine currently working in Royal Darwin Hospital Emergency Department and also with Aeromedical Critical Care Retrieval services for the Northern Territory. He has an interest in Pre-Hospital, Wilderness Medicine and Trauma, having worked in the Alfred Trauma Centre in Melbourne.