The earth’s edge podcast

Inspiring stories of adventure and exploration. The Earth’s Edge podcast talks to mountain guides, expedition doctors, aspiring climbers and travel enthusiasts about what draws them back to mountains time and time again.

EP 20: Season 2 Wrap Up

With restrictions being lifted allowing us to travel anywhere within our counties myself and the team have decided to take a break from the podcast. I’m planning on spending a lot more time in the hills over the next few weeks and months and I hope you are going to dust off your boots and get back there too!

EP 19: Joyce Bartley

This week I chat to Joyce Bartley, who is the Customer Care Champion at Earth’s Edge. Joyce was one of my clients on Kilimanjaro back in 2017. After the climb with a few beers on board she asked him for a job and the rest is history! We chat about climbing Kilimanjaro, Island Peak and her plans for the future! 

EP: 18 John Burke

This week I chat to John Burke who summited Mount Everest back in 2017. I wanted to get John on the podcast because he didn’t climb his first mountain until he was 28 and 10 years later he was standing on top of the World! He shares great stories from his Everest expedition including the Khumbu Icefall and his summit push

The Earth's Edge Podcast Aaron Byrne

EP: 17 Aaron Byrne

This week I chat to a good friend and Earth’s Edge Expedition Leader Aaron Byrne. Aaron has led over 20 expeditions for Earth’s Edge and also has a lot of big mountain experience from mountains like Denali, Peak Lenin and Khan Tengri. 

The Earth's Edge Podcast Kirsty Cully

EP 16: Kirsty Cully

This week I chat to Kirsty Cully who climbed Kilimanjaro with us back in 2017. I wanted to share her story as she is a great example of someone who has used mountains to help her find meaning and happiness in her life. We chat about the porters on Kilimanjaro, learning to handstand, coaching and what is so special about going on adventures.

The Earth's Edge Podcast George McManus

EP 15: George McManus

This week is the second part of my interview with my dad, George. We share lots of great stories from expeditions, including our toughest trip together; The Ladakh Tri-Adventure, him going missing in Malawi and also breaking company policy in Morocco. 


The Earth's Edge Podcast George McManus 1

EP 14 Part 1: George McManus

This week I chat to the Earth’s Edge Medical Director and my Dad, George McManus. It took me ages to get him on the podcast but I’m glad I finally persuaded him as he is a key part of the team at Earth’s Edge. We chat about how we got into the outdoors, his medical career, the impact my mum had on our lives and his experience on Kilimanjaro.

Earths Edge Podcast

EP 13: Season 1 Wrap Up

This week I take a little break and recap on the first season of the podcast. It’s been such good fun creating the podcast and I hope it has helped you get through these tough times in some small way. This week is a very special one for everybody at Earth's Edge as we have become Ireland's highest scoring B-Corporation!

Earth's Edge Podcast Steve O'Donoghue

EP 12: Steve O'Donaghue

This week I chat to Stephen O’Donoghue who was part of my team on an expedition to Machu Picchu and Choquequirao in 2019. We discuss his high and low points of all his trips and he shares his top tips for anyone thinking of getting into hiking.

Earth's Edge Podcast Babs Nzvaura

EP 11: Barbra Nzvaura

This week I chat to Babs Nzvaura who worked for Earth’s Edge from 2014 to 2018. She tells me about climbing Kilimanjaro, crossing high passes on the way to Everest Base Camp and her love for India and Ladakh. We also chat about being Black and Irish and how that impacts her life. 

Earth's Edge Robbie O'Raw Podcast

EP 10: Robbie O'Raw

This week I chat to Robbie who got sick while climbing Elbrus in 2019 and unfortunately didn’t make the summit. Before he had boarded the flight back to Ireland from Russia he had already signed up to go back to Elbrus! We also talk about the ending of a bad relationship being the catalyst for him finding the outdoors and restoring his mental health.

Earth's Edge Joe Keena Podcast

EP 9: Joe Keena

This week I chat to Joe Keena who has been an expedition doctor on 9 trips for Earth’s Edge. Joe shares stories from all his adventures over the years including getting sick himself on South America’s highest peak, Aconcagua. We also discuss what it’s like sharing a tent with your partner while working on a trek and a lot more!

Earth's Edge Podcast Louise Lawrence

EP 8: Louise Lawrence

This week I had a chat with Louise Lawrence, who has led over 25 expeditions for Earth’s Edge. We talk about her childhood growing up in a family who always went on adventures and some of the amazing trips she has been on over the years.

Earth's Edge Podcast Michael Penston

EP 7: Micheál Penston

Micheál has a fascinating story and a great outlook on life. He changed careers twice before finding his true passion in life working as a personal trainer. We also discuss his trip to Kilimanjaro in 2018 where he suffered greatly to reach the roof of Africa.

Earth's Edge Podcast Marian Timmons

EP 6: Marian Timmons

Marian Timmons first found adventure at the age of 52 and her story is one you want to hear! A stressful job and a busy family life saw Marian tip the scales at 20 stone. She knew she had to make some serious changes so she signed up to go to Peru and started training. Nine months later and five stone lighter she trekked to Machu Picchu

Earth's Edge Podcast Mark Willis

Ep 5: Mark Willis

James talks with one of our expedition doctor’s Mark Willis about his time in the army and how that training helped shape him as an expedition medic. He also gives some top tips from a medical perspective on how best to prepare for one of our trips.

Earth's Edge Podcast Rachel Kiernan

Ep 4: Rachel Kiernan

With little to no mountain experience at all, Rachel set herself a goal of summiting Mera Peak (6,476m) in 2018 and did just that. From there she has never looked back.

Earth's Edge Podcast Stephen Ferris

Ep 3: Stephen Ferris

James chat’s with Ulster rugby player Stephen Ferris to talk about his trip to the top of Kilimanjaro with us in 2018 to raise money for injured rugby players. Since then he’s developed a huge passion for the outdoors.

Earth's Edge Podcast Mulhall

EP 2: Debbie Mulhall

James chat’s with Debbie Mulhall who has completed Machu Picchu, Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp, Aconcagua, Stok Kangri and Elbrus. Debbie talks about being the only woman on an expedition and how she is already planning her next adventure!

Earth's Edge Podcast Brian Bateson

EP 1: Brian Bateson

James chat’s to Brian Bateson who started working for Earth’s Edge in 2016 and is now one of our most experienced guides. They talk about Brian’s journey from working in an office in Dublin, to starting his own climbing company and working full time in the outdoor industry.

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