Brian Keane Kilimanjaro Climb October 2024




Duration: 12 Days


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Deposit: $399.00

Total incl. Deposit: $6,091.00

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About Brian

Brian is a qualified personal trainer, sports nutritionist and strength and conditioning coach. He is the best selling author of the book The Fitness Mindset and currently travels the world as a professional speaker. He also hosts the #1 podcast The Brian Keane Podcast.

Brian is a former primary school teacher turned fitness entrepreneur. After retiring from the world of professional fitness modelling in 2015, he now does ultra-endurance events all around the world. In April 2018, he ran the famous Marathon Des Sables, which entails six self-sufficient back-to-back marathons through the Sahara Desert in Morocco. In February 2019, he ran 230km through the Arctic Circle in the northernmost tip of Sweden. He documents all his adventures on his social media channels. For more about Brian visit –

About Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro (5896m) is not only Africa’s highest point, but it’s also the highest free-standing mountain in the world. Kilimanjaro is a huge crater known as Kibo over 2km wide with several distinct cones, the highest being Uhuru Peak. This 12-day itinerary includes seven days of walking on the Machame trail, the most scenic route to the summit. The Kilimanjaro climb incorporates seven days on the mountain which allows for great acclimatisation and maximises chances of a successful summit attempt. The route provides spectacular scenery and a wide variety of different landscapes. We start in scrublands thick with African wildlife and then move into lush forests followed by flowering alpine tundra. Above 4,500m the landscape changes to snow and rock as we approach the summit. This trek is suitable for people with a good level of fitness who enjoy a challenge. The sense of achievement after climbing Kilimanjaro and view from the roof of Africa makes all the hard work and effort well worth it!

About Brian’s Kilimanjaro Climb

There are a number of added extra’s Brian is doing on his climb. They are all optional, but we would love you to partake in them all.

  • Training Day and Weekend: Brian will be hosting two pre-departure training events.  One day in Connemara and a weekend event in Wicklow. You will also meet an expedition leader, expedition doctor and your fellow adventurers! On the training weekend an experienced expedition leader will be giving a full expedition brief, leading two training hikes and offering expert advice on all aspects of the expedition including training, equipment, weather etc. You will need to register for the events once you have booked your place via the Earth’s Edge booking portal. Training days are included within the price of the trip, food and accommodation required for the training events are not included.
  • Kilimanjaro Training Programme: Four months prior to departure Brian is going to send everyone his BKF Online Program which is ideal training for Kilimanjaro. The programme will be designed based on all of Brian’s endurance and fitness experience combined.
  • Team WhatsApp Group: Brian would like to invite you to a private group where you can meet each other, share pics, share advice and get excited about this trip of a lifetime.
  • Make Fitness Fun: In 2024, Brian’s out to make fitness fun, so why not kick things off by bringing everyone together beforehand to really get acquainted? Brian’s taking charge of the plans, he will orchestrate a spectacular event where the community gathers to kickstart their fitness journey with excitement and camaraderie. With a focus on fostering connections and joy, Brian will ensure there’s something for everyone. Brian’s words of encouragement and celebration will leave a lasting impression, marking the beginning of an unforgettable journey towards fitness and well-being and your goal of standing on the roof of Africa!
  • Virtual Mindset Session: Before venturing beyond familiar shores, Brian will offer a transformative Virtual Mindset Session designed to equip participants with the essential tools for success. Drawing from his expertise and insights, Brian guides individuals through the foundational principles of mindset, empowering them to harness the power of their thoughts and beliefs to achieve their goals. Participants will engage in interactive discussions, practical exercises, and guided meditations, immersing themselves in a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Through this immersive experience, Brian instills confidence, resilience, and a positive outlook, laying the groundwork for success both on and off the fitness journey!
  • The Keane Edge: A signed copy of Brian’s book “The Keane Edge”. Drawing on years of experience, Ireland’s most cheerful personal trainer and leading fitness podcaster will helo you to finally find the mindset you need to stick with a nutrition plan and lose weight for life. With a focus on mindset training and ongoing support, it empowers participants to voercome challenges and reach their full potential for long-term success.  

When signing up for the adventure you agree to share your contact information with both Earth’s Edge and Brian Keane so that you can be sent appropriate information about the trip and be invited to participate in the above activities.


Depart Dublin for Kilimanjaro International Airport.

Depart Plane

Arrive in the afternoon and transfer to Arusha.

Arrive Hotel Transfer

Drive to Machame gate and then trek through Montane forest to reach Machame Camp.

Trek Camping Breakfast Lunch Dinner Transfer

Trek above the tree line to Shira Camp.

Trek Camping Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Trek to Barranco camp via Lava Tower (4630m). Today's route has stunning views throughout.

Trek Camping Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Trek through an alpine desert to set up camp in the Karanga Valley.

Trek Camping Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Trek to Kosovo camp and prepare for tomorrow's summit attempt.

Trek Camping Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Trek to the summit of Africa! Afterwards, descend to Millennium Camp.

Trek Camping Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Trek to Mweka Gate and then drive to Arusha. Enjoy the pool and bar at the hotel in the afternoon and evening!

Trek Breakfast Hotel Transfer

Relax by the pool or go on our optional safari day if you still have some energy left!

Relax Safari Breakfast

Relax for the morning. Transfer to the airport for an evening departure.

Depart Plane Breakfast Transfer

Arrive back in Dublin in the early morning.


Available Dates

21 October 2024 - 1 November 2024

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Deposit: $399.00

Total incl. Deposit: $6,091.00

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