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Finding the perfect Christmas gift for your hiker friend

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Hikers

We all have a friend who can be tricky to buy for come Christmas time. You know the kind – the regular box of chocolates or bath stuff just doesn’t seem right, and they’d rather be lacing up their boots and going for a hike than sitting around on Christmas day. When you’re friends with someone who loves the great outdoors, it can be hard to think of a good gift. But there are actually plenty of things that they would love to see in their stocking come Christmas! Here are our ideas for the perfect Christmas gift for your hiker friend

Thermal Flask

Under €15

Need a stocking filler, or a smaller gift? This thermal flask is a great shout – it keeps your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold. It’s the ultimate hiking companion – you can fill it with tea and have a hot cuppa whenever you please, or keep it loaded with chilled water for hydration on warmer days.

Thermal Mask from Great Outdoors, Earth's Edge

Hiking Socks

Under €25

Bear with me – socks might seem like a really boring gift idea, but all that changes when it comes to a really good pair of hiking socks. A decent pair of socks is a godsend on a hike, but they can be a little bit pricey (compared to a bog standard five pack of cotton ones). So when a hiker unwraps a pair at Christmas, it’s a dream come true! This Merino pair is fab and will keep hiking toes super toasty.

Merino hiking socks for Christmas from Great Outdoors, Earth's Edge

Head Torch

Under €50

A head torch can seem like an odd gift choice, but it’s the perfect Christmas gift for your hiker friend. It definitely comes in handy on those murky mornings and dusky hikes. But also at other times throughout the year (like when you have to root something out from the corner of the attic, or when you’re searching for the fuse box). This one will last a lifetime.

Head torch from Great Outdoors, Earth's Edge

Walking Poles

Under €100

While it’s probably not a great idea to buy someone a pair of hiking boots (like we said, it’s important to get fitted in store) a great pair of walking poles is a perfect Christmas gift for your hiker friend. This pair from Leki comes highly recommended from our guides – they’re made of aluminium and are light while being strong, and they’re adjustable.

Hiking poles from Great Outdoors, Earth's Edge Christmas gifts

Earth’s Edge Christmas Gift Vouchers

Hiking Kilimanjaro with Earth's Edge

Gift Vouchers & a FREE Earth’s Edge Jacket

When it comes to it, nothing beats giving someone the gift of an experience at Christmas. If you give someone a gift voucher for Earth’s Edge, they’ll be able to use it towards any one of our expeditions, from climbing Kilimanjaro to trekking Everest Base Camp. There is no expiry date on the voucher and when your purchase a voucher before December 31st 2020, we will send you a FREE Earth’s Edge jacket worth €150!

You can check out our gift vouchers here.

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