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Sustainability Report

In February 2015 Earth’s Edge was one of the six pilot companies selected by Business in the Community Ireland for the Responsible Business for SMEs programme. BITC Ireland produced a sustainability report for Earth’s Edge covering workplace, environment, marketplace and community. To read the report please click here.

Business in the Community Ireland is Ireland’s only dedicated network for responsible business. Founded in 2000, they are a national non-profit organisation whose vision is quite simple. It is to have all businesses in Ireland responsible and sustainable. Their patron is Michael D.Higgins, President of Ireland. To learn more about BITC click here.

Did you know that SMEs make up 99% of Irish business?
‘In raw numbers, they dominate Irish life: more people work in them than in multinationals and more do business with them. This makes SMEs uniquely placed to maximise the positive impact of business on Irish society and the environment. By communicating their good practices, they can reap big rewards because of their visibility in the regions, towns, villages in which they work and their proximity to the impact.’
You can read more about the work that Business in the Community Ireland does for SME’s here.

We really enjoyed the process of working with BITC to produce this report and are very pleased with the outcome. Below are some highlights from the report. You can read the full sustainability report HERE

  • We support our full time and freelance staff in achieving their Continuous Professional Development and personal development goals.
  • We are members of the responsible travel movement and have a strict leave no trace policy.
  • We set a high health and safety standard and send Irish guides and doctors on all expeditions.
  • We ensure our local staff are properly paid, equipped and trained.
  • We support local economies as much as possible and always respect local customs and traditions.



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