Trek to Everest Base Camp, Nepal

An Important and Exciting Update About Our Nepal Expeditions

Last year, we took the exciting step of promoting our Tanzanian expedition leaders to independently guide our Kilimanjaro trips. This change has been, and continues to be, highly successful. The feedback from clients about our Earth’s Edge team in Tanzania has been overwhelmingly positive. Their expertise, enthusiasm and support are consistently cited as the reasons people are able to reach the summit, and have an unforgettable time doing so.

This change has not only greatly benefited our clients, but it has also had a significant impact on the lives of our staff in Tanzania. It has allowed us to deservedly increase our expedition leaders’ pay by 100% and, in turn, enabled us to pay all of our Tanzanian team at least a living wage. The effect that this has on their lives, and the lives of their families, cannot be understated.

The success of this switch has inspired us to begin to extend this approach to all of our expeditions. After successfully implementing it in Peru and Argentina, Nepal was the next logical destination. This choice was driven not only by the number of trips we run there, but also by the passion and capability of our Nepalese guides and support team.

Since 2012, we have run over 60 expeditions to Nepal, and six of the thirteen trips we currently offer visit this beautiful country. Nepal holds a special place in the hearts of James and all of the Earth’s Edge team, which is why we already have some important existing projects in place. We provide some of the best pay for our teams, enabling them to support their families and prioritise their children’s education. In addition, we partner with NGOs and local communities to create positive impact through various initiatives such as water safety projects, reforestation and landscape restoration programs, and a waste disposal scheme. We are also very passionate about empowering women, and are actively growing and developing our female team in Nepal.

However, we still wanted to do more. That is why we’re giving our Nepalese leaders the opportunity to lead our expeditions there independently, truly empowering them and allowing them to develop even further in their roles. We believe that they will elevate the experiences of our clients by sharing their intimate understanding of the Himalayan landscape, its history, and cultural nuances. They can share captivating stories passed down through generations, ensuring others can experience the region in a way that’s both authentic and respectful. It’s a chance to connect with the place on a whole new level, guided by those who know it best.

As in Tanzania, this change allows us re-investing more money locally, benefiting both our Nepalese team and community projects. This includes ensuring that our team receives a wage that provides a comfortable and sustainable standard of living.

While this sustainability is a key part of the Earth’s Edge ethos, the safety of our clients is too, and this remains our top priority. In preparation for this change, our Nepalese guides lead Earth’s Edge expeditions throughout the spring under the guidance of some of our Irish expedition leaders. Their feedback was extremely positive and helped shape our decision to move forward. We have the utmost confidence in our Nepalese leaders’ ability to effectively and safely lead our expeditions. We believe that the greater role they will now play on our trips will serve to further enhance our clients’ experiences in Nepal. And, as always, an experienced expedition doctor will continue to accompany all of our groups.

We are very grateful for the support we have received regarding this change so far, and can’t wait to hear the feedback about our incredible Nepalese team as yet another new and exciting chapter for Earth’s Edge begins!

Finally, a message from James:

“I have had the pleasure of meeting many of our wonderful expedition leaders who will be guiding you on your upcoming adventures. Their passion and expertise is truly inspiring. This shift towards local leadership marks a significant and exciting chapter for Earth’s Edge, and I have complete trust in their abilities to lead you on an unforgettable journey.”

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