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The ultimate Everest Base Camp equipment list

Everest base camp with Earth's Edge

So, you’ve decided to take on the challenge of a lifetime, and trek to Everest Base Camp. But now you’re thinking about the reality behind it… the training, the motivation and, most of all, the packing. What on earth will you need? Will you need high-end trekking equipment? What kit is the most important? Well, panic not. We’ve got you covered, with our ultimate Everest Base Camp equipment list…

What you need – Everest Base Camp equipment

Snugpak sleeping bag for sub zero, Earth's EdgeSleeping Bag

This is an important one! Your sleeping bag for Everest Base Camp needs to be nice and warm. We recommend a comfort rating of -15°C or lower. The nights can get chilly and there’s nothing worse than trying to sleep when you’re cold. This one from Snugpak is a perfect option.

Hiking Boots

A decent pair of walking boots will be your best friend on this trek. Buy the best that you can afford, get them in a shop so you can be fitted properly, and break them in before you leave. If they still feel like new when you’re starting to hike, you’ll be asking for trouble. Read our guide to finding the perfect pair here.


As well as your main duffel bag (which is carried by the support team) you’ll need to bring your own rucksack as a day bag, to carry all the equipment you’ll need. This will fit your camera, spare jacket, waterproof, water bottle and packed lunch, so about 30 to 35 litres in size will do. Make sure you get fitted for it and break this in before you head off. You mightn’t think it, but a backpack needs to be worn in just as much as hiking boots.

Hiking Poles

This is a vital bit of Everest Base Camp equipment. Get a lightweight pair that are adjustable but lock – you can read the tips from our guide here about his favourite kind.

Water Bottle and Water Bladder

It’s so important to keep hydrated. You must have the capacity to carry 3 litres of water with you, so bring a bottle with a wide neck, like this one. A Platypus is also great for hands-free hydration during the day, but note that the water can freeze in the tube, so you’ll want a bottle for the evenings, too.

Water bladder from Great Outdoors for Everest Base Camp

Obviously, this isn’t all you need. After all, you can’t trek in the nip! But once you’re booked onto our Everest Base Camp expedition, we’ll send you a comprehensive packing list for all the clothes and necessities you’ll need to bring. You can read more about the expedition here.

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