Reaching Everest Base Camp with James Dyer

James Dyer took part in his first expedition with Earth’s Edge in September 2023, where he lead one of our treks to Everest Base Camp! He very kindly wrote a report on the experience of journeying to this iconic destination with an enthusiastic team:

“Bringing together a team of diverse individuals for a three week adventure is no easy thing! Everyone arrives a Dublin Airport with their own motivations, their own fears, and their own understanding of their abilities. The job of Earth’s Edge is to take these vastly different people and bring them together to achieve their wildest dreams.

Heading halfway across the world to the unique and breathtaking Nepalese Himalayas is a real adventure! Once the team leave the relative comfort of their first hotels and experience the congested roads of Kathmandu, followed by the shaky flight in a small plane to one of the world’s most spectacular and hair-raising airports in Lukla, they are right in the middle of their adventure.

From then on, it’s a hard trek every day deeper into the Khumbu Valley, through the hot and humid lower slopes, with villages clinging to hillsides, up into the thinner air where you’re surrounded by majestic snow-covered peaks. Occasionally, you’re gifted with a view of one of the big named summits: Ama Dablam, Pumori Ri, Lhotse – and even a tiny glimpse of Everest itself!

Experiencing the land of the Sherpa people, passing through their villages, staying in rustic tea houses (and eating plenty of dal bhat!), the group get to experience the variety of the landscape, whilst each day bonding and developing as a team, learning to support and help each other. Slowly, everyone’s individual reasons for joining the expedition are put aside, and a shift from “me” to “we” occurs.

As we approach our final goal, Everest Base Camp, the team need to dig in an draw on all their reserves. At 5,300m elevation, the air is thin, and it becomes noticeably harder to breathe – but the team push through and, with cries of joy, they make it to the famous rock that marks the entrance through which so many mountaineers have passed. From here they can see the expanse of the majestic Khumbu icefall, the route up to Camps 1 and 2, and, in the distance, the lofty summit of this legendary mountain.

After spending some time at this amazing place, we start the long return journey – because once you have achieved your goal, you’re only halfway there. The long walk back to Lukla is still to come before you can fully celebrate your achievements, both as an individual, and as a team.”

If you want to follow in James’ and the group’s footsteps and undertake the journey to Everest Base Camp for yourself, visit the expedition page for dates and availability!

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