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What’s the accommodation like on Everest Base Camp?

Everest Base Camp with Earth's Edge

Once you’ve decided to trek to Everest Base Camp, your thoughts will likely lead to where you’ll be sleeping. After all, if you’re hiking all day, a good night’s sleep is important, right? Well, if you’re used to multi-day treks, the accommodation on the Everest Base Camp trail will feel like a real treat. Instead of camping each night, you sleep in traditional tea houses. These Nepalese lodges are found throughout the Himalayan trails. But what can you expect when you rock up each afternoon?

A guide to accommodation on the Everest Base Camp Trek

Like we said, the tea houses are a real step up from camping. That said, accommodation on the Everest Base Camp trek isn’t luxurious, so don’t be expecting hotel style digs. But these lodges are perfectly comfortable and a little slice of heaven after a long day on your feet.

The Beds

In the rooms, you’ll find two single beds. Most have bedding on but you’ll also have your sleeping bag, which is more important as you climb higher and higher. When the temperatures drop, you’ll be glad of your sub-zero sleeping bag!

The Bathrooms

Though basic, the bathrooms have everything you need, including a hot shower. But they’re not always available! If they are, try to make your shower the first thing you do when you get to the tea house, as the hot water can run out as the night goes on. In some places, the toilet will be a long drop squat affair. So try and strengthen those legs before you set off!

Accommodation on Everest Base Camp

The People

As well as our own group, you’ll meet plenty of other trekkers who are making their way along the path. This makes for great conversation in the evening, as we sit around the fire and make friends.

The Power

As we said in this post about taking electronics to Everest Base Camp, tea houses have electrical charging points where you can charge your phones for a fee. Depending on how busy it is, there may be a queue. It’s a good idea to bring a power bank, too. Don’t forget to bring an adaptor – in Nepal you need a type C plug.

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