With The Evolve leadership development programme, we don’t train your staff in leadership. We take them to an environment where leaders are born.

Your company needs strong leaders. Strong leaders increase productivity, reduce conflict, create a positive working environment, cultivate organisational resilience, capitalise on opportunities, encourage innovation and ultimately make or break a business.

The Evolve Programme is designed to challenge your team with real situations and real consequences; participants will constantly evaluate and learn from their own behaviour and the actions of those around them. Your staff will learn more during one of our short expeditions than in years of traditional classroom-based training.

Our focus on experiential learning allows for the development and retention of critical leadership skills including teamwork, empathy, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, problem-solving, communication, initiative and strategic agility. We ensure that these skills are translated effectively to the workplace and sustained for years to come. The knowledge developed on our expeditions will last a lifetime.

Our expedition leaders have years of experience leading groups in extreme environments – managing risks, motivating others and thinking on their feet. Who better to guide your team in their leadership development than our expert leaders?

How it works

Stage 1: Expedition development

We start by meeting you at your offices to discuss what your current leadership development strategy is and where you want to be at the end of this process. We decide collaboratively what type of expedition will best suit your team and your needs, then we go away and create an itinerary specially tailored for you.

Stage 2: Training

Once you recruit and finalise your team we deliver three days of training in the lead up to the expedition. This training will prepare the team for the physical challenge of the trek as well as the leadership tasks they will be completing.

Stage 3: The expedition

The time has arrived. We deliver a life-changing experience for your team. Nothing beats navigating a wilderness environment and getting out of one’s comfort zone to help your people evolve into h5er leaders. Our groundbreaking Evolve Programme is designed to unearth each participant’s leadership potential; it includes daily leadership tasks essential to the team’s progress on the mountain and reflective learning sessions to promote continual self-assessment and dynamic learning.

Stage 4: Follow up

We come to your offices after the expedition to meet with the team and discuss how each participant is implementing what they learned in the workplace. After this meeting we will give a presentation to your company about the expedition, focusing on the team’s core learning experiences.

Stage 5: Legacy

Whether you want to make this expedition an annual event or design a brand-new expedition for the next team, we will work with you to deliver another unforgettable experience for your staff.

For more information or to request an Evolve Programme brochure please contact us on 01 532 0869 or email

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What do people say about our trips?

“Going on an adventure trip to an unfamiliar place can often be quite stressful. However when our group travelled to Malawi with Earth’s Edge there was never an uncertain moment – the logistics were flawless & the team managed to keep spirits high through a challenging cycle. All in all, without such great support, I’m not sure the event would have been the great success that it was.” Malawi Cycle Challenge 2012 – Eamonn O’Loughlin, Accenture Ireland.

“Love it! Love it! Love it! I could pack my bags and leave tomorrow for another adventure! Absolutely fantastic. Thank you!! My first expedition was to Kilimanjaro in 2015, second was to Machu Picchu in 2016 and my third was to Everest Base Camp. Simply the best! Hats off to Earth’s Edge!” Kilimanjaro 2015, Machu Picchu & Everest Base Camp 2016 – Katarzyna Medyńska, State Street.

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