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How long does it take to climb Elbrus?

How long does it take to climb Elbrus

There are plenty of things in life you don’t want to rush. And climbing Mount Elbrus is one of them. One of the Seven Summits, Elbrus is Europe’s highest peak at 5,642m. The mountain is a beast, and to have the highest chance of a successful summit, you need to take your time. So, how long does it take to climb Elbrus, you ask? Let’s find out…

How long it takes to climb Elbrus

Our expedition is 14 days long. This includes rest days, which are vital when it comes to acclimatisation. We designed our itinerary to allow for the best chance of summiting. The weather on Elbrus is notoriously fickle. That means getting a clear weather window is absolutely crucial for a successful summit. Our itinerary allows us the time to adjust the summit day by a day or two, to take advantage of good weather windows when possible.

Why are rest days important?

When you’re covering a lot of ground and altitude, it’s vital to let the body rest and adjust. These are especially important before summit days, which are typically long and arduous. Your body needs to be fighting fit! On other rest days, we also learn the skills you’ll need to trek on snow and ice. You won’t need special equipment, but it’s a skill we don’t all have that’s vital on Elbrus.

What’s the best route to climb Elbrus?

There are a few different routes to the summit of Mount Elbrus. Most companies climb the Southside of the mountain. The Southside, however, has more of a ski resort feel, with cables cars and car lifts. Climbers then walk only the last 942 metres to the summit. Psh. That’s not the way we roll! We ascend on the Northside of the mountain.

This side of the mountain is more remote and allows us to have a proper adventure. There are barely any other climbers and it’s a lot more daring, with lots of snow and ice to contend with. However, that makes it all the more challenging, and therefore all the more appealing, in our eyes!

If you want to read more about our expedition to Mount Elbrus, click here.

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