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How long does it take to climb Mera Peak?

Mera Peak Expedition

Mera Peak is the highest trekking peak in Nepal. In fact, this mountainous region of Nepal is home to eight of the world’s ten tallest mountains, including Mount Everest, the highest point on earth. So it’s a pretty impressive expedition to take on! If you’re thinking about accepting the challenge, you’re probably wondering, “How long does it take to climb Mera Peak?” Well, let us break it down…

How long does it take to climb Mera Peak?

Our expedition takes 23 days in total. But not all of that is taken up by trekking. We take the road less travelled to Base Camp, through the beautiful Hinku Valley and through Pangkongma and Nashing Dingma villages. This gives us a unique insight into traditional Nepalese life. We spend 11 days trekking to Mera Peak Base Camp, and that pace also helps us to acclimatise to the altitude. What does that mean? A higher chance of reaching the summit (and also happy and healthy trekkers!)

What is the climb like?

Once we’re on Mera Peak proper, we take things at a slow and steady pace. It’s not a technically difficult mountain to climb, but acclimatisation is a key issue. That’s why we also have rest days in the itinerary. Those days help you to recover and continue the climb in the best possible shape.

Another challenge can be poor weather. That’s why we have spare summit days built into the itinerary, so if bad weather prevents a summit attempt, we have some flexibility.

Mera Peak Trek

How is the summit?

The climb from Base Camp to summit isn’t actually that far. We reach high camp from base camp in one day, and then summit is a fairly full on 12-14 hours. Once you’re at the top, you’re met with incredible views. On a clear day you can see hundreds of huge peaks; including five of the world’s six highest peaks… Everest (8,848m), Lhotse (8,516m), Cho You (8,201m), Makalu (8,481m) and Kangchenjunga (8,586m).

Our descent following summit day is every bit as beautiful as the ascent. We wrap things up with a celebratory dinner in Kathmandu, as well as a free day to enjoy the city.

Are you thinking of climbing Mera Peak? You can read all about our expedition here.

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