Kenya Tri-Adventure with Earth's Edge 3

Kenya Tri-Adventure Packing List

Kenya Tri-Adventure with Earth's Edge 3

If you think a trekking expedition is tough to pack for, get ready for a Tri Adventure! As well as all your trekking gear, you’ll need clothing for the biking element, and then stuff for the rafting. And all that in the Kenyan elements! But don’t despair – our ultimate Kenya Tri-Adventure packing list will cover all the basics. Plus, when you sign up for the expedition, you get a comprehensive checklist with everything you’ll need…

Kenya Tri-Adventure packing list


  • Walking boots (broken in) 
  • Runners for cycling (or SPD shoes and pedals if you prefer)
  • Two pairs of thick socks and two pairs of thin socks
  • A long sleeved shirt for sun protection on hot days
  • Underwear (synthetic rather than cotton underwear) 
  • Shorts x 1
  • Two pairs of lightweight trousers or pants, one for trekking and one to wear at night
  • A good thermal (polypropylene) layer consisting of long johns and pullover
  • Cycling shorts 
  • Cycling gloves 
  • Waterproof trousers (N.B. make sure the trousers have zips to the knee at least) 
  • Long sleeve base layers x 2 (silk, wool, or synthetic)
  • Short sleeve base layer x 2 (as above)
  • A lightweight fleece
  • A down jacket with a hood (at least 600 grams in weight)
  • Waterproof jacket 
  • Waterproof poncho
  • Swimming togs and board shorts suitable for rafting 


  • A fleece hat to wear in the mornings and evenings 
  • A pair of lightweight wool or synthetic liner gloves
  • A pair of down mitts
  • Sunglasses (category 3)
  • A sun hat with a wide brim to cover the face and neck 
Kenya Tri-Adventure with Earth's Edge 2

Bags and equipment

  • Walking poles
  • Daypack (30 to 35 litres) 
  • Duffel bag (90 litres) 
  • Dry bags 
  • Water bottles and water bladder
  • A warm sleeping bag (comfort rating of -15°C or lower)
  • Small towel


  • Suncream at least factor 30
  • SPF lip balm
  • Insect repellent, deet based products are best 
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Wet wipes 
  • Personal first aid kit 

Don’t forget, when you sign up to an Earth’s Edge expedition you’re entitled to a loyalty card from Great Outdoors, with a 15% discount right up until you depart.

There are other smaller items you’ll need too, but you can use our more comprehensive checklist for when you’re packing. If you want to read more about the Kenya Tri-Adventure, click here!

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