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Spring Clean for the porters on Kilimanjaro

Spring cleaning the house and wondering what to do with your old clothes? Don’t fret..We will take them!

The porters at the top of Barranco Wall on Kilimanjaro

Roughly 35% of our clients annually travel to Tanzania to take on Kilimanjaro and summit the world’s highest free-standing mountain. We are always trying to collect second-hand outdoor clothing to donate to our amazing porters who do so much to make each and every climb a special one.

We need YOUR help –  and the timing is perfect! Right now we are all at home so it’s the perfect time to go through everything in the back of the wardrobe, the attic and the ‘spare room’ (that we all know becomes a dumping ground for all the odds and ends)! You can even keep the kids occupied for a couple of hours and organise a very chique fashion show in your own back garden.

If you have climbed Kilimanjaro you will know it gets very cold as you ascend the trail and having the correct clothing is so important to make the conditions bearable. If you have any old equipment you no longer need please gather it together now and you can send it to us after we come through Covid-19.

The porters at the summit of Kilimanjaro with one of our expedition leaders, Jono Redmond

Here is a full list of what we are collecting;

Hiking socks, Fleeces, Water Bottles, Water Bladders, Base Layers, Trekking Pants, Rain Jackets, Rain Trousers, Down Jackets, Scarves, Head Torches, Gaiters, Hats, Buffs, Gloves, Sport Sunglasses, Back Packs, Walking Boots, Sleeping Bags, Sleeping Bag Liners, Thermarests, Duffel Bags and Dry Bags.

Any donations are appreciated and the porters on Kilimanjaro are forever grateful for your continued generosity.
Don’t forget to take a picture of your ‘spring clean’ and tag us (@earths_edge) so we can share it and keep  spreading the news.

Happy spring cleaning and hopefully see you on an adventure very soon!

The porters carrying gear up to camp ahead of the team.

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