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The best snacks to bring on a trekking expedition

Snacks for altitude trekking

Whether you’re climbing Kilimanjaro, making your way to Everest Base Camp or trekking into Machu Picchu, one thing is for sure – you’re going to need some snacks. While our guides and porters provide amazing meals along the way (it’s incredible to see what feasts the cooks can create on a camping stove), you need to keep your energy levels up. The answer? Regular snacks along the way. If you’re wondering what to bring in your pack, here’s our guide to the best snacks to bring on a trekking expedition

The best snacks to bring on a trekking expedition

When you’re hiking, you typically burn up to 400 calories an hour. The meals that we serve are all designed to pack in the optimum balance of carbs, protein and fat that we all need. But you need to supplement this to keep your energy levels tip top, so you work at your optimum.

So, what snacks are best?

Remember that you’ll often need to eat on the go, and be carrying snacks around with you for days. For that reason, fresh fruit is out. While a banana might be great for a mountain trek at home, you don’t want to be carrying it up Kilimanjaro…

Things like dried fruit and nuts are fantastic, because they’re dense in calories and travel very well. Individually wrapped portions are also very handy, and prevent spillage in your pack. Protein bars are also great (Irish brand Fulfil is a fan favourite), and cereal bars too. Don’t forget the joy of a bar of chocolate, either! Just be aware about temperatures – a smooshed, melted bar will bring a tear to your eye when you’ve been dreaming of a Dairy Milk. And on that note…

Should the snacks be healthy?

The most important concern when you’re on a trek is getting those calories into you. This isn’t a time to be dieting! Besides, a lot of the so-called ‘healthy’ snacks are packed with sugars and highly processed, anyway. It’s also important to remember that people often lose their appetite at altitude. So it’s really helpful to bring something that you genuinely love to eat! Don’t bring a packet of dried apricots if they make you gag. If you don’t want to eat them now, you won’t want to eat them up a mountain. The best snacks to bring on a trekking expedition are the ones you really want to eat.

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How often should I snack?

It’s important to eat little and often. And, just as with water intake, don’t wait until you’re hungry to eat. Our guides make sure we stop briefly for snack and water breaks, so make sure you follow their lead. And if you need to eat on the hop, do.

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