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Trekking in Morocco

Have you ever considered trekking in Morocco or an adventure holiday in Morocco? If you are looking for somewhere that’s closer to home, affordable, has great adventure sport and amazing food it’s hard to look past Morocco. When I first visited Morocco in 2011 it reminded me of California where I worked as a river guide in 2006 & 2007. Like California, Morocco has world class surf, skiing, kayaking and a vast mountain range with endless trekking options including Toubkal, North Africa’s highest peak. Marry that with amazing food and the fact that there is a direct flight from Dublin to Marrakesh that takes 3.5 hours, it’s my most recommended destination for those that want to get away for a week.


Like Ireland, Morocco’s west coast feels the full force of the Atlantic and is littered with amazing beach and reef breaks for all abilities. The big bonus for surfers is the weather! Morocco is very pleasant in winter, typically in the high 20’s in Spring and Autumn and crazy hot in summer! Regardless of when you go surfing in Morocco, it’s a welcome relief not to be covered head to toe in neoprene as is the norm in Ireland.


In recent years mountain biking in Morocco has really taken off. In the Atlas Mountains, the trails that connect the villages were never built with mountain bikers in mind, however, you wouldn’t believe it! There is seemingly endless flowing single track and as the road network is constantly improving in many places it’s even possible to uplift to the passes and then bike down the other side!

Although it doesn’t compare to big water found in other locations in Africa such as Zambia or Uganda there is good kayaking in Morocco. The Ahansal River can be done in two or three days and flows into the stunning El Bin Ouidane lake. It’s not very well known so you will generally get to enjoy the river without meeting any other kayakers. The highlight of the descent are the stunning canyons you pass through to reach the lake. There are other rivers in the Atlas mountains too such as the Ourika and N’Fiss which are worth considering if you are kayaking in Morocco.


There are endless options for trekking in Morocco, from easy low-level trekking to winter mountaineering, not to mention trekking in the Sahara which is a unique and special experience. We are running an eight-day trip this October to complete a trekking circuit in the Atlas and climb Toubkal, North Africa’s highest peak. The itinerary includes six days of trekking, climbing Toubkal, visits to remote villages and we finish by exploring Marrakesh, all in eight days!

Regardless of what you do in Morocco, the food and accommodation is a highlight for many. Moroccan cuisine has become popular the world over including Ireland, its influence is clearly seen in the growing café culture in Dublin. On our treks, fresh fruit, veg, tagine and couscous is the daily norm. All the produce is grown locally and depending on when you travel you will see the locals harvesting walnuts, apples and various other seasonal produce. We typically stay in traditional riads, which are guest houses filled with character and stunning interiors. I have seen many a traveller being inspired to visit the tile market in Marrakesh and arrange for a shipment of mosaic for their new bathroom back home!


For anyone wanting to travel somewhere different yet close to Ireland, Morocco is a must-see destination.

If you have any questions about travelling to Morocco email me on jam@earths-edge.com.


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