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What’s the food like on Kilimanjaro?

Food on Kilimanjaro

Let’s face it – when you’re climbing the world’s highest freestanding mountain, you’re going to be looking forward to meal times. Apart from the snacks that’ll keep you going, good nutrition is so important when it comes to multi-day treks. When you’re trekking for hours every day, you need to keep your energy levels good and high. Which is why what you eat and the food on Kilimanjaro is so important. But if you’re curious about what kinds of things you’ll eat on a Kilimanjaro expedition, read on for more information…

What’s the food like on Kilimanjaro?

All of our meals are designed to give you the best nutrition, as well as the best taste. Expect to eat things like…

  • Hearty vegetable soups
  • Rice, beef and vegetable stews
  • Chicken and chips
  • Big veggie packed salads
  • Loads of carbs
  • Snacks like popcorn
  • Porridge, pancakes and toast for breakfast
  • Plenty of hot chocolate, coffee and tea (a mug of which is delivered to your tent each morning)

What's the food like on Kilimanjaro

Our amazing chefs

The best part of all of this? You won’t need to lift a finger. Our team of hard working chefs create incredible dishes for you every day. What’s even more impressive is that they do it from a tiny tent. Really, they’re miracle workers! Would you be able to make amazing chips with just a little camping stove?!

How much do I eat?

In short? A lot! Take the day before summit day, for example. You’ll have plenty of carb-laden meals, for lunch, then a couple of hours later at dinner, and a couple of hours after that for an additional late supper. Your body needs to carb load as much as possible for the long and arduous summit the following day. These delicious carbs are like rocket fuel for your body.

What about dietary restrictions on Kilimanjaro?

If you have dietary restrictions, that’s not a problem. We will try our best to cater for those with dietary restrictions, whether you’re a vegetarian or coeliac. What’s really important though, is to tell us in advance. When you’ve booked your expedition, you can complete your medical declaration. That’s where you can put your dietary needs. However, we can’t source specialist gluten or dairy free products locally. We try our best to provide carb alternatives like potatoes and rice, but if you do need gluten-free bread, or lactose-free milk, you’ll need to bring this with you.

Want to find out more? Here’s our expedition to climb Kilimanjaro.

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