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Why a trekking holiday is perfect for solo travel

Trekking to Machu Picchu with Earth's Edge for solo travel

If you’ve never been away on your own before, it can be a little nerve-wracking to plan your first solo trip. If all of your previous holidays have been spent with friends, it can seem a bit overwhelming to do the whole thing yourself, and you might have some niggling concerns… will you be lonely? Is it safe? Will I get bored? Well, if you want to make the leap, a trekking holiday is perfect for solo travel. In fact, we reckon it’s the perfect way to test the waters and have the adventure of a lifetime…

Why a trekking holiday is perfect for solo travel

You’re not alone

Sure, you might arrive at the airport on your own, but after that you have an in-built gang of friends, all looking to have a great time. The best part? You all have the same interests at heart! Let’s face it; we all have that friend you can never drag out of bed to go on a hike. But on an expedition with Earth’s Edge, that’s what you’re all there for. And if you’re worried about bonding, don’t be – from the first moment you all use a toilet tent, you’ll be mates for life.

The planning is done for you

One aspect of travelling alone that’s not so fun? Being the sole person in charge of all the logistics. But if you’re on a group trip, that’s all taken care of. You don’t need to figure out local bus times, or work out where to get dinner – we’ve done all the hard work for you.

Solo travel on Machu Picchu with Earth's Edge

Meal times are way more fun

Even the most seasoned solo traveller will admit that dining alone isn’t much fun. The awkward looks from other diners, the book you have to bring to the dinner table, no one to steal fries from… But a trekking holiday is perfect for solo travel, because we all dine together, at every meal.

It’s safer

Solo travel has an unfortunate reputation for being less safe, especially for women. But while that’s not always true, you’ll feel far more safe as part of a group, particularly one led by excellent local guides and our own fab team.

It builds your confidence

If you’re worried about travelling on your own, the first trip that you go on solo will build your confidence massively. You’ll have so much fun that you’ll soon wonder why you were ever nervous about heading off solo in the first place. And as soon as you’re home, you’ll be planning your next adventure.

Fancy heading off yourself? Take a look at our group expeditions for some great solo travel inspiration.

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