Author: Aislinn Whelan

30 July 2021
James McManus Wicklow Round

The Wicklow Round by Colin Irvine

On paper, the Wicklow Round doesn’t look too bad to ultra runners. It is about 115km in total, a 24 hour and 6,000m challenge across 26 of Wicklow’s tallest mountains. As well as that, the rules state that you can only navigate using a map and compass (no GPS or mobile devices).

Mera Peak with Earth's Edge 4

Earth’s Edge is officially a B Corp Company

At Earth’s Edge, we’ve always cared deeply about the planet and how we explore it. We know the impact that non-sustainable travel can have on the world, and we knew from the beginning that’s not how we were going to operate. How can we travel this beautiful earth, connecting with such fantastic people along the way, and not want to do everything we can to keep it as safe as possible? That’s why we decided to become a B Corp. And we’re thrilled to announce that we have been successful. In fact, we’re the highest scoring B Corp business in Ireland.

Machu Picchu with Earth's Edge 1

Top 10 tips for Machu Picchu

What’s the most important thing to know when planning our trek through the ancient Andes? We’ve compiled a list of our ten top tips for Machu Picchu so you can fully enjoy your experience. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people flock to Peru to visit the spectacular ancient Incan city of Machu Picchu. For Earth’s Edge trekkers, the visit to Machu Picchu consists of nine tough days of hiking. We visit the ancient city of Choquequirao and then on to Machu Picchu, which makes the first sighting of the ruins even more special.

Kilimanjaro Expedition with Earth's Edge 3

What it’s like to be a woman in the outdoors industry

We have a fantastic guest on the podcast this week. Barbra Nzvaura worked in the head office of Earth’s Edge from 2014 to 2018. We spoke to her about her time working in Earth’s Edge, the treks that she did, and her experiences as a Black Irish woman in the outdoors industry…

Aconcagua with Earth's Edge

5 facts about Aconcagua

If you’re planning the epic trek to Aconcagua, you might have a few questions all about the mountain. You might want to impress your mates with tales about what’s to come, or learn some fun facts to chat about on the way! If you’re curious about what lies ahead, here are some fun facts about Aconcagua that are sure to impress…

Aconcagua with Earth's Edge 3

Mountains and mental health: how trekking can heal the mind

We all know that nature plays a huge part in our mental health. The great outdoors are a wonderful healer, and no one knows that like Robbie O’Raw. Robbie travelled with us to Elbrus in 2019, and he’s the latest guest in our podcast.

Elbrus with Earth's Edge 2

8 facts about Mount Elbrus

Are you plotting a future trip to Mount Elbrus? If you want to get excited about your expedition (or simply want to impress your fellow trekkers with your brainpower, we’ve got some facts about Mount Elbrus that are sure to impress…

Mera Peak with Earth's Edge

How long does it take to climb Mera Peak?

Mera Peak is the highest trekking peak in Nepal. In fact, this mountainous region of Nepal is home to eight of the world’s ten tallest mountains, including Mount Everest, the highest point on earth. So it’s a pretty impressive expedition to take on! If you’re thinking about accepting the challenge, you’re probably wondering, “How long does it take to climb Mera Peak?” Well, let us break it down…

Kilimanjaro Expedition with Earth's Edge

Is it safe to climb Kilimanjaro?

When you’re planning a big expedition, safety is probably something that pops up in your mind. Maybe you haven’t trekked a big distance before. Perhaps you’ve never experienced high altitude. Or maybe you’re worried about getting sick. It’s perfectly natural to be concerned about your safety before a big expedition (or really, before any trip). If you’re thinking about your safety, that’s a good thing! It shows you’re sensibly cautious. If you’re thinking about trekking, you might be wondering if it is safe to climb Kilimanjaro. Let us answer your questions…

What Our Clients Say

The Kenya Tri-Adventure is an amazing trip. I have done lots of trekking holidays before but I feel like this trip had the perfect mixture of disciplines. When I look back I don’t know how we fit that much into 11 days. The hike is…

Sarah Jane Rooney, Co. Dublin

Everest Base Camp and Island Peak was my second trip with Earth’s Edge. The team at Earth’s Edge treat everyone with respect and make you feel part of the family rather than simply a paying customer. I have met some wonderful people and shared some…

John Creaven, Co. Dublin

Hands down the most special and amazing trip I have done to date, and coming from a well-seasoned traveler this is saying a lot! Climbing Kilimanjaro had been on my bucket list for quite some time and when I turned 40 this year, I decided…

Adele Woods, Co. Kildare

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