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The Ultimate Mera Peak Packing List

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As soon as you book your place on a Mera Peak expedition, you’ll want to get thinking about the kit you’ll need. After all, you’re going to be trekking for 23 days, in changing weather and increasing altitude… it’s a lot to think about! You also need some technical gear, too. If you’re trekking with Earth’s Edge, we send you a comprehensive packing list as soon as you book. That covers everything from toiletries to plasters! But this Mera Peak packing list will give you a good idea of what you’ll need…

The Ultimate Mera Peak Packing List


  • Synthetic mountaineering boots*
  • Gaiters if your boots do not have a built-in gaiter (rental boots typically do not come with built-in gaiters)
  • 12 point crampons (if you don’t have crampons, an ice axe, sling or harness we will provide them for you)
  • Walking ice axe (60 – 70cm)
  • Sling (approx size 120cm x 10mm) x 2
  • Climbing harness & two screw gate carabiners
  • Trekking boots
  • Runners or sandals (to wear in transit & at lower altitude when not trekking)

*This item may be available to rent upon request.


  • Mid-weight hiking socks x at least 3
  • Heavyweight hiking socks x 2
  • Lightweight liner socks (for summit night)
  • Underwear (synthetic rather than cotton underwear is advisable)
  • Shorts x 1
  • Lightweight trousers x 1
  • Softshell trousers x 1
  • Synthetic/wool/silk long johns x 2 (for night time use and summit night)
  • Waterproof trousers (N.B. make sure the trousers have zips to the knee at least)
  • Long sleeve base layers x 2 (silk, wool, or synthetic)
  • Short sleeve base layer x 2 (as above)
  • Mid-weight fleece, down or soft shell jackets x 2
  • A down jacket. It must be heavy weight with a hood (at least 900 grams in weight)
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Waterproof poncho


  • A fleece hat to wear in the mornings and evenings
  • A buff
  • Category 3 or 4 sunglasses
  • Category 3 or 4 ski goggles
  • A sun hat with a wide brim to cover the face and neck
  • A pair of lightweight wool or synthetic liner gloves
  • One pair of heavy mountaineering gloves
  • A pair of heavy down mitts

Trekking Gear

  • Walking poles
  • Day rucksack (35 to 45 litres)
  • Duffel bag (100-150 litres) 
  • Dry bags 
  • Three wide mouth 1 litre water bottles. If you wish to bring a water bladder to use at lower elevations you can but it will not work at high altitude so you need bottles
  • Water bottle insulators for each of your bottles
  • A 500ml thermos flask
  • Warm sleeping bag (comfort rating of -20°C or lower)
  • A sleeping bag liner 
  • Spare laces

There are plenty of other bits we suggest, from personal first aid kits to little bits like diaries and cameras. If you want to have a look at our full kit list, shoot us an email and we’ll send it on to you. You can read all about our expedition to Mera Peak here

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