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What to bring to Kilimanjaro

Packing for a big expedition can be a little intimidating. After all, you’ve got to consider different temperatures and different weather. On Kilimanjaro, you can be trekking in 30 degree sunshine, or shivering in the snow! But don’t worry. When you sign up to an Earth’s Edge expedition, we give you an extensive packing list. However, if you’re already wondering what to bring to Kilimanjaro, this post will get you started…

What to bring to Kilimanjaro – clothing 

  • Walking boots
  • Runners or sandals 
  • Mid-weight hiking socks x 3 
  • Lightweight liner socks (for summit night)
  • Underwear
  • Shorts x 1 (knee length or below)
  • Lightweight trousers x 1
  • Synthetic/wool/silk long johns 
  • Waterproof trousers 
  • Long sleeve base layers x 2 
  • Short sleeve base layer x 2 
  • Mid-weight fleece x 2


  • A down jacket (at least 600 grams in weight)
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Waterproof poncho
  • A fleece hat 
  • Balaclava/a buff
  • Sunglasses (category 3)
  • A sun hat with a wide brim 
  • One pair of lightweight wool or synthetic liner gloves
  • A pair of down mitts


  • Walking poles
  • Rucksack (30 to 35 litres) 
  • Duffel bag (90 litres) 
  • Dry bags 
  • Water bottles (2 x 1 litre nalgenes) & water bladder (2 litre)
  • A warm sleeping bag (comfort rating of -15°C or lower)


  • Sun cream at least factor 30
  • SPF lip balm
  • Insect repellent
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Wet wipes and a nail brush 

Personal first aid kit 

  • Rehydration salts 
  • Plasters
  • Compeed
  • Paracetamol
  • Ibuprofen
  • Buscopan
  • Throat lozenges
  • Nasal spray
  • Decongestant such as sudafed
  • Antibiotics suitable to treat traveller’s diarrhea

Our expedition doctor has a first aid kit, but the above is for personal use. Of course, you need to bring any personal medications along with you too. 

Don’t forget, when you sign up to one of our expeditions you get an exclusive discount with Great Outdoors, where you can pick up everything you need.

If you want to read more about our expedition to Kilimanjaro, including 2024 dates, click here. You can also read our Ultimate Guide to Kilimanjaro here. We also have a video about how to pack a duffel bag for Kilimanjaro!

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