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7 January 2022
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Should I go to Rainbow Mountain after Machu Picchu?

At the end of our trek to Machu Picchu, you will have seen some incredible sights. And we don’t just mean Machu Pichu itself. You’ll have seen the breath-taking beauty of the Peruvian Andes, the fascinating Choquequarao and the magical cloud forest, too. But there’s also an option to tag one extra jaunt on to the end of the trip. If you’re wondering, “Should I go to Rainbow Mountain after Machu Picchu?” we’re here to weigh up the options.

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What will I see on the Machu Picchu trek?

We’ve often talked about how our trek to Machu Picchu is a little different to the expeditions led by other companies. Rather than walking the popular Inca Trail, we take a different path, weaving a quieter route through the Peruvian Andes. But if you’re wondering: “What will I see on the Machu Picchu trek?” then here’s a post that will lay it all out for you…

Inside the Culture… Peru

There’s a certain kind of magic to Peru. A country that’s as beautiful as it is beguiling, you can’t help but be charmed. There seems to be a gorgeous landscape around every corner, and views that will keep you mesmerised. But there’s also a strong sense of culture in Peru. On our trek to Machu Picchu, we take the lesser travelled path and see some incredible sights along the way. But we also get to dig a little deeper into the Peruvian culture. Here is the latest post in our new series, Inside the Culture… Peru

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Trek Machu Picchu in 2022

There’s nowhere on earth quite like Machu Picchu. And part of what makes it special is how remote it is. Sure, you can get a train or a bus close enough to the park gates, but the real joy comes in a multi-day trek. You go through the beautiful Peruvian Andes, trekking through the luscious peaks before you reach this sacred mountain. And after a closure in 2021, Machu Picchu is open once again for trekkers. If you’re looking to trek Machu Picchu in 2022, here’s all the information you need…

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Can beginners trek to Machu Picchu?

If you’re never done a high altitude trek before, it can seem pretty intimidating. Hell, even a multi-day trek in the Irish hills can seem pretty intimidating if you’ve never done it before! But if you’ve always longed to trek to the ancient Inca site of Machu Picchu, you don’t need to worry. While it’s certainly a tough physical challenge, it’s not one that only expert mountaineers can do. So, can beginners trek to Machu Picchu? Let’s find out…

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Can you hike Machu Picchu without a guide?

Some people love the idea of trekking to an amazing location on their own. But there are some places where it simply isn’t an option. Don’t despair, though! Trekking with a guide (and a group) only makes the experience better, in our opinion. If you’re wondering: “Can you hike Machu Picchu without a guide?” we’ve broken it all down in the post below…

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Best time to hike Machu Picchu

When you’re planning a trek to Machu Picchu, you want to know that the weather is going to be on your side. After all, you don’t want to go all that way only to spend the whole trek with soggy socks! But while you can never really predict the weather, there are definitely better times of year to visit Machu Picchu. If you’re wondering when the best time to hike Machu Picchu is, we’ve got you covered…

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How to book Machu Picchu

If you want to visit the sacred Incan site of Machu Picchu, there are a few ways to do so. But the most important thing to know? You have to buy tickets in advance. Numbers into Machu Picchu are limited, and you can’t buy them on site. So, in short, don’t turn up without them! If you’re wondering how to book Machu Picchu, here’s a post that may help…

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How long does it take to climb to Machu Picchu?

Making the long trek to Machu Picchu is something that loads of people want to tick off their wishlist. This sacred site is one of the wonders of the world, and reaching it on foot is part of the whole appeal. However, there are a few different ways to tackle the trek. Which means the time it takes can vary hugely! If you’re wondering “How long does it take to climb to Machu Picchu?” this guide may help…

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