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The Ultimate Guide to the Ladakh Tri-Adventure

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If you love the idea of a multi-discipline adventure in the heart of the Indian Himalayas, the Ladakh Tri-Adventure is your dream expedition. Including trekking, cycling and rafting, all through jaw-dropping scenery, this trip is the adventure of a lifetime. If you’ve got a few questions about what it’s like, our Ultimate Guide to the Ladakh Tri-Adventure will hopefully answer them all…

Ultimate Guide to the Ladakh Tri-Adventure

What is the Ladakh Tri-Adventure?

First things first… what is it? Well, this is a trip that takes you over 270km through some of the most breathtaking scenery on the planet. But instead of a trekking only expedition, you cover those kilometres both on foot, on bike and on a raft. 

You can read more about what the Ladakh Tri-Adventure is here. 

How hard is the Ladakh Tri-Adventure?

As it encompasses three different activities, this trip is a physical challenge. the fact that the whole thing is undertaken at high altitude adds another dimension to it as well. Like all of our expeditions, you’ll need to train well before hand. But you won’t need any specialist skills to take part. 

You can read more about how hard the Ladakh Tri-Adventure is here. 

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What is the Ladakh Tri-Adventure like?

If you’re curious about how the whole experience of this expedition, we have an excellent trip report from our MD, James McManus. He led this expedition with his very own father as the doctor, and he describes it as one of the best trips of his life. 

You can read the Ladakh Tri-Adventure trip report here. 

How long does it take?

This expedition is 16 days long in total, though some of those days are spent travelling and sightseeing. There 10 are active days which are spent trekking, cycling and rafting. 

You can read more about how long the Ladakh Tri-Adventure is here. 

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How much does it cost?

The current cost of the Ladakh Tri-Adventure is €3,799*. This inclues almost everything, from flights to equipment, meals to water. You can also book the expedition only, and organise your own flights. 

You can read more about how much the Ladakh Tri-Adventure costs here. 

what about altitude sickness?

As the whole expedition takes place at high altitude, you need to be aware of AMS. The most important things to remember? Stay well hydrated, move slowly, eat well and get good rest. We send an international doctor on every single one of our expeditions. It’s really important to tell them the moment you feel unwell. That way, AMS is at its most easily treatable. 

You can read more about coping with altitude sickness here. 

Is the Ladakh Tri-Adventure safe?

You should always be concerned with your safety. At Earth’s Edge, we definitely are. You need to be aware of the altitude, and also make sure you’re in good physical shape before heading over. 

You can read more about how safe the Ladakh Tri-Adventure is here. 

What do I need to pack?

This is a tough one! You’ll need gear for three different activities on multiple days, which is a bit of a headwreck at the start. But our extensive packing list is here to help! Tick everything off and you won’t have a bother. 

You can read more about what to pack for the Ladakh Tri-Adventure here. 

There you go! Our ultimate guide to the Ladakh Tri-Adventure. Don’t forget, you can read all about the expedition here.

*This is the current cost of the expedition at the time of this blogs publication date on 20/Aug/2021. Costs are subject to change

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