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The ultimate guide to Kang Yatse II

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If you’ve always fancied a trek that’s a little different, Kang Yatse II is the perfect challenge. The highest trekking peak in the Indian Himalayas, Kang Yatse II is a stonking 6,250 meters high. The route to its peak weaves through the beautiful Markha valley, passing traditional villages along the way. Though the 12-hour summit day is tough, spent mostly on snow, the views at the top make is 100% worth the effort. If you’re thinking about taking on the challenge, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to Kang Yatse II, to answer any question you may have…

Ultimate Guide to Kang Yatse II

How hard is it to climb Kang Yatse II?

At Earth’s Edge, we give all of our expeditions a difficulty level, so you know what to expect. Kang Yatse II is a level 6, which means it’s a fairly tough challenge. In comparison, climbing Kilimanjaro is a level 5, but tackling Mera Peak is a 7. You can expect to trek an average of 6 to 8 hours per day, at altitudes not usually exceeding 6,300 metres. 

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How long does it take?

The Earth’s Edge expedition to Kang Yatse II takes 16 days, including travel time and free days for sightseeing. There are 10 days spent trekking, including a rest day, which is vital for recuperation and acclimatisation. 

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What does it cost?

The Earth’s Edge expedition to Kang Yatse II currently costs €4,299, including return flights from Dublin. Almost everything is included in this fee, from accommodation to food, internal flights to transport. The only thing you’ll need to cover is a bit of spending money, tips and personal expenses like travel insurance. 

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How do I cope with altitude sickness?

Altitude is a concern on almost all expeditions. But there are many things you can do to reduce the risk of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). The most important things are to keep well hydrated, eat regularly, go slowly and get good rest. We have an international doctor on every one of our expeditions. They are trained to deal with the symptoms of AMS and can provide fast medical assistance. The most important thing is to tell them the moment you start to feel unwell. The longer you leave it, the harder it is to treat. 

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Is it safe to climb Kang Yatse II?

It’s natural to be concerned about risk on any expedition. But at Earth’s Edge, your safety is our number one priority. We work with a team of excellent expedition leaders and doctors, as well as a local team on the ground who know the routes inside out. Climbing with a good team (and listening to the experts) is the safest way to climb Kang Yatse II, or indeed any mountain.

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What do I need to pack?

We run this expedition in the summer, when temperatures during the day can vary from 0 to 30 degrees during the day and -20 to 10 degrees at night. That means you should pack smart, with moisture-wicking fabrics that can be layered up at night. We send you an extensive packing list when you book an expedition, but you can read the link below for a taste of what you’ll need to pack. 

For the full packing list for Kang Yatse II, read our blog post.

How do I train for Kang Yatse II?

You need to have an excellent level of fitness to climb Kang Yatse II. The best way to do this is to mix hillwalking with cardio training. You need to have a good level of overall fitness but also be used to multi day trekking.

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What is summit day like?

Summit day is long and tough. It’s also a technical challenge – most of the day is spent on snow, which requires the use of ropes. We do have one day dedicated to learning these skills, though. You don’t need to be an expert ahead of time!

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