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The Ultimate Guide to the Kenya Tri-Adventure

Kenya Tri-Adventure with Earth's Edge

If you’re the kind of person who loves to challenge themselves and dive head first into an adventure, our Kenya expedition is the one for you. On the Kenya Tri-Adventure, we trek to the summit of Mount Kenya, bike through game reserves and raft on the Tana River. It’s three disciplines, seven days, 200km and a hell of a lot of fun! If you’re curious about what the trip involves, our Ultimate Guide to the Kenya Tri-Adventure has all the answers. Read on for everything you’ll need to know…

The ultimate guide to the Kenya Tri-Adventure

What is the Kenya Tri-Adventure?

This is our very own expedition, including hiking, biking and rafting. In short, it’s a multi-discipline adventure through the heart of Kenya. You’ll get to spend a week doing different activities, reaching the summit of Mount Kenya and seeing some incredible wildlife to boot.  

Read more about what the Kenya Tri-Adventure is in our blog post.

How hard is the Kenya Tri-Adventure?

This trip is designed to push you to your max, and to be a week long physical challenge. So you need to make sure that you have a good level of physical fitness before we set off. There’s also some altitude involved on Mount Kenya, so being as fit as you can be will help there, too. 

Read more about how hard the Kenya Tri-Adventure is in our blog post.

What is the Kenya Tri-Adventure like?

If you’re curious about what the Kenya Tri-Adventure is like, you can read a fantastic trip report from our leader Brian Bateson, who went out and led the trip in 2019. 

Read Brian’s trip diary from the Kenya Tri-Adventure in our blog post.

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How long does it take?

This expedition takes 11 days in total. We spend five days trekking, two days biking and half a day rafting. There is also time allowed for travel, with a bit of exploration time, too.  

Read more about how long the Kenya Tri-Adventure takes in our blog post.

How much does it cost?

The Earth’s Edge Kenya Tri-Adventure currently costs €4,299*. That includes your flights from Dublin, all activities, group equipment, accommodation, meals and drinking water. If you want to join the trip but book your own flights, the trip currently costs €3,699*. 

Read more about how much the Kenya Tri-Adventure costs in our blog post.

Is the Kenya Tri-Adventure safe?

Safety is always our number one priority at Earth’s Edge. We work with experienced local guides, as well as our own team of international leaders. We also send a doctor on every single one of our expeditions. Whenever you go on an international expedition, there is an element of risk. But we work tirelessly to make our trips as safe as they can possibly be. 

Read more about how safe the Kenya Tri-Adventure is in our blog post.

How do I cope with altitude sickness?

When we summit Mount Kenya, we do experience higher altitudes. While Mount Kenya isn’t as high as some of the other peaks we climb, there is still a risk of altitude sickness. We are highly experienced at dealing with those symptoms, and our doctor can treat AMS on the ground. From your perspective, the most important things are to stay well hydrated and fed, walk slowly and say something the moment you feel unwell. 

Read more about coping with altitude in our blog post.

What do I need to pack?

There’s a fair amount to think about on this trip! You’ll need your regular hiking gear, as well as cycling shorts (trust us) and togs for rafting. Kenya is a hot country, but it can be chilly at night, so you need to pack smart. 

Read more about our Kenya Tri-Adventure packing list in our blog post.

There you go! Our ultimate guide to the Kenya Tri-Adventure. If you want to read more about this trip, visit the website here

* The cost highlighted above is the cost of the expedition on 23rd July 2021. This cost is subject to change

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