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26 November 2020
Island Peak with Earth's Edge 6

How we’ve helped our porters during the pandemic

There’s no doubt about it – 2020 has been an incredibly tough year. But while COVID-19 has had a brutal impact on our lives here in Ireland, we are fortunate enough to have support systems in place that have helped us all through this year. However bad things get, we know we’re not going to starve. Sadly, that’s not the case around the world.

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Are you looking for work in Ireland?

Have you lost your job due to Covid-19 or are you a new graduate looking for experience? If you are struggling to find work in Ireland, then we have some information to share with you that might help.

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Interns Wanted!

We are currently looking for two individuals to start a 3-month internship with us; one in SEO digital marketing and the second in digital video.

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Covid 19 in Peru and what we are doing

Peru is one of the world’s worst hit countries by Covid 19. The virus has swept through the country with devastating effect. Edgar, Maruja and the rest of our team are all ok but many of the elderly people in their lives are sick and, in some cases, have passed away. It is an incredibly difficult time for them. Peru has not managed to suppress the virus and has the 7th highest number of recorded cases in the world. So sadly, there is no end in sight to the current level of devastation. Our thoughts are with the people of Peru and everyone else in the world that has been affected by Covid 19.

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Spring Clean for the porters on Kilimanjaro

Roughly 35% of our clients annually travel to Tanzania to take on Kilimanjaro and summit the world’s highest free-standing mountain. We are always trying to collect second-hand outdoor clothing to donate to our amazing porters who do so much to make each and every climb a special one.

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Self-isolation: An Expedition Home from Home.

Millions of people around the world are currently shutting themselves away from their loved ones, their hobbies and their work in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. For the vast majority of these people this is an unprecedented, hopefully once in a lifetime, event that has left them re-evaluating their situations and the things we once took for granted. For a small number of us, isolation, physically, mentally and emotionally, is something we have come across before.

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Info Talks

  Here is a list of our upcoming info talks which are taking place via…

Kilimanjaro Trip with Earth's Edge

Lakpa’s Kilimanjaro Adventure

In August 2018 Lakpa Pinasa Sherpa joined us on one of our Kilimanjaro Adventures! Lakpa has been working with Earth’s Edge since 2012, trekking with us to Everest Base Camp over 15 times. Lakpa has worked on over 15 Earth’s Edge expeditions since 2012. Lakpa won our guide exchange programme in 2017 which is part of our wider CSR strategy to recognise the great work of all our team throughout the world. He wrote a short piece about his adventure with us.

What Our Clients Say

The Kenya Tri-Adventure is an amazing trip. I have done lots of trekking holidays before but I feel like this trip had the perfect mixture of disciplines. When I look back I don’t know how we fit that much into 11 days. The hike is…

Sarah Jane Rooney, Co. Dublin

Everest Base Camp and Island Peak was my second trip with Earth’s Edge. The team at Earth’s Edge treat everyone with respect and make you feel part of the family rather than simply a paying customer. I have met some wonderful people and shared some…

John Creaven, Co. Dublin

Hands down the most special and amazing trip I have done to date, and coming from a well-seasoned traveler this is saying a lot! Climbing Kilimanjaro had been on my bucket list for quite some time and when I turned 40 this year, I decided…

Adele Woods, Co. Kildare

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