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Kilimanjaro Trip with Earth's Edge

Kilimanjaro in Pictures

We were so excited for our first trips back to Kilimanjaro after Covid put a halt to expeditions for almost two years. We ended up running two trips just...
Elbrus with Earth's Edge 1

Can beginners climb Elbrus?

The world is filled with some incredible mountains, just begging to be climbed. And Elbrus is one of the finest. Standing at a height of 5,642m, Mount Elbrus is the...
Kilimanjaro Expedition with Earth's Edge 2

How do I pee on Kilimanjaro?

If you’re well used to hiking in the Irish hills, you’re probably no stranger to the old Bush Toilet (i.e., squatting behind a tree). But when you’re climbing the...
Kenya Tri-Adventure with Earth's Edge 3

What is a tri-adventure?

If you’ve never heard of a tri-adventure before, it might all seem a little confusing. But if you’re someone who loves to mix things up a little and challenge...
Kenya Tri-Adventure with Earth's Edge 2

How it feels to do a Tri-Adventure

If you’ve always loved the idea of a multi-activity expedition, you will certainly love our tri-adventures. With two available, in Kenya and Ladakh in India, you’ll be able to...
Kenya Tri-Adventure with Earth's Edge 5

Inside Culture: Kenya

On our Kenya Tri-Adventure, we get to see a lot of this special country. Which means we also get to see what makes Kenya such an amazing place. And...